Nude Body Confidence Yoga Classes Limited Space Available - (Chicago)

Posted on: 11/21/17


Greetings, I have been practicing yoga and healing for over 6 years and have expanded exponentially over that time. I have now formulated lessons and courses that allow me to nurture the wholeness of students in a way that is customized and tailored for them. A wonderful student of mine opened me up to a body confidence yoga class that involves the intention of tuning in without disturbance within a restorative yoga practice... otherwise, naked/nude restorative yoga. With some time, research and dedication, I have formulated a truly beautiful spiritually and mentally nutritious experience for those who seek to transcend their bodies. This class is known to provide incredible and lasting results. It allows the student to open up the chakra centers more directly, especially the sacral chakra. It's also known to assist couples in areas of connection. It encourages the students to connect to themselves free of judgement. This is not a sexual experience and is a respectful course geared towards ridding the student of insecurities. Students have said the course has changed their life and allowed them to carry a new/enhanced vibrance, vitality and confidence that they hadn't had before. Some other benefits include: - Increased Self-Love and Comfort - Enhanced Self Awareness - Increased Creativity - More Attractive Appeal - Weight Loss - Increased Libido - Increased Appreciation For Partner - Stronger Bond To Partner - Decreased Anxiety - Improved Mood - Increased Overall Energy And more! Screenings Process: There's been a huge response to this program. This is very exciting for us. However, due to limited space and having the goal of helping students who truly have the desire to heal - select students are chosen by the instructor. Interested in applying? Visit: or send and email with your initial inquiry. You can also email for more information on the instructor. This program is filling up fast - there are only a few more openings for the first quarter of 2017 - so if you're interested, send an email or click the link above to get started with the initial selection process. FAQ Where are you located? We are located within a Private Yoga Studio Located River North/West Are other people in this class? No. All classes are privately held at the studio. Are outcall classes available? No. Students must come to the studio for security purposes Is the instructor naked too? Can she be? No, the instructor is fully clothed. This practice is about you. Your instructor serves as a guide in the background Are beginners encouraged to join? Absolutely. The instructor leads the class at the pace of the student Is meditation involved? Yes, at the top of the class - the instructor sets the tone and encourages full comfort of the student before beginning the practice Can I bring my friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or wife/husband? Absolutely. This practice is known to heal and enhance the connection of differing partnerships involved Is this a group class? No. This is a private class Is there a shower available? Yes, we have a shower for students to use before or after class Are there mats available? For this class, we encourage students to bring their own mat. However, we have mats available for rent ($5/mat) Any other questions? Interested in booking/learning more? Call or Text: 312-321-8097 *You may also email us for instructor info/bio! Completely confused? Need some reference? Only difference is our classes are, again, private or for couples. We look forward to joining you in your journey! Om shanti, Your (Future) Yoga Instructor

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